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Disabled Path (Haylodge Park)
A low gradient user-friendly path was constructed and funded by the Callants Club to allow residents and visitors with mobilty issues to avoid trying to negotiate the steep path next to the Rugby Club Pavillion.

Access to Fotheringham Bridge
After several years of discussion with local authority, the Callants Club finally succeeded in having Fotheringham Bridge, ramped on both sides of the river. The work was finally completed in 2005.
The ramps now allow wheelchair users as well as parents with prams to walk without difficulty along either side of the Tweed.

Kingsland School Centenary
To commemorate the centenary of Kingsland Primary School, the club was asked if it would like to contribute towards a stain glassed window, to be housed at the schools main entrance. The Callants club decided it would no just contribute to this but meet the full cost.

Flowers and Trees
Numerous attempts over the years have been made to brighten up the Peebles landscape. Some attempts have been more successful than others. Daffodils were planted in along the banks of the Tweed and in Haylodge. Other flowers and trees have also been added to Haylodge Park, to brighten up a spring morning.

Beltane Support
As mentioned before the Callants Club main task is the support of the Peebles Beltane Festival. New Landaus were purchased in 1987. By owning the landaus, the Beltane committee removed the cost of hiring them each year. A cost that was met by the Callants Club since the 1980s.

Books and Beltane CD
The Callants Club male voice choir contributed to the centenary CD by singing the Beltane songs. The Callants were also instrumental (no pun intended) in producing a historical record of Peebles and its People in 2003. The club also contributed to funding the production of the book A History of Peebles 1850 - 1990.
The Callants club have assisted in funding many other publications, see more in the book 'From Humble Beginnings'.



Callants Burns Supper 4th Feb 2017
Tickets still available (£24)
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Star 'O' Rabbie Burns 2017


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