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About Us

Conceived within the very core of the Beltane Festival, the clubs original founding members were John McCormack, Ross Dodds, Frank Bain, Jock Preston and Will Kerr. The first constitution was created in 1937, but the first inaugural meeting was on Beltane Friday in 1936, folowed by the very first Callants Supper, the supper has now moved to Beltane Monday and to this day remains a very popular event.
The seeds of the club were sown in the previous years when the founding members decided on actually forming a club in 1935, one year previous to the first recorded meeting. The founding members used to gather regularly every Beltane Friday and discuss the festival and partake in additioanl banter whilst enjoying a dram or two.

The Callants and the Cornets
The Callants Club has always enjoyed a special relationship with the Peebles Beltane Festival Cornet. The Cornet has attended the annual Callants Supper since the very first occasion and has been the principle guest of the club each year. It will be no surpise to learn that Ex-Cornets have filled the duties of Chief Callant on no less that 8 occasions to date. So much in high esteem is this relationship held that a commemorative goblet is always presented to to the Cornet-Elect, as he is until his installation on Beltane Wednesday, to mark his night at the Callants supper.

Callants and the Beltane
As you may have read previously the Callants were born from the core of the Beltane Festival. Continuing in the tradition of helping develop and nurture the festival today to make it one of the best summer festival occasion in the Borders. Listing the examples of support may require a website in its own right, but it can be said that over the years thousands of pounds have been donated directly or indirectly to the Beltane Festival. As well as financial assistance, there have been donations of trophies for the Beltane Festival Wednesday night horse racing, a creation of a Beltane Centenary Tartan, and the recovering of the Beltane Queens throne to name but a few instances of support.

Fund Raising and Community Projects
Though the Callants Club serves the Beltane Festival well, this can only be done by getting involved in other community projects and fund raising. Some of the Projects undertaken can be seen on the Projects Page. Fund raising includes but is not limited to Treasure Hunts, Duck Races, and Coffee Mornings, all very well supported by the good people of Peebles and beyond


Callants Burns Supper 4th Feb 2017
Tickets still available (£24)
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Star 'O' Rabbie Burns 2017


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